Return and Refund

1.1. In order to make a withdrawal Client has to make an inquiry from Client’s “personal zone” on the Site. In order to complete the inquiry, the Client has to choose any of the withdrawal methods from the list and fill all the necessary details.
1.2. After a withdraw request is made, it receives a “Requested” status. After the request comes to process, it receives an “In process” status. After receiving “In process” status, funds are removed from the balance. Funds will be transferred to the payment system wallet after a request receives a “Processed” status.
1.3. Withdrawal enquires processed by the financial department of Company one by one. The time of the process may vary from one (1) business day up to five (5) business days. Company reserves the right to increase the processing time, in that case, Company notifies Client by one of the contact methods which was provided by the Client during the registration on the Site.
1.4. Withdrawal can be processed on the personal details, used to deposit only. In case if there is no technical possibility to withdraw funds to the payment system account used to deposit, a method will be chosen by Company, according to Client’s possibilities. In such case payment details should be similar to the Client personal details.
1.5. The client takes full responsibility for the information provided by the Client at the inquiry of withdrawal.
1.6. If Client uses a bank card for the input of money, withdrawal of funds shall be performed on this card on the amount which isn’t exceeding the input amount from this card for the period 90 (ninety) calendar days from the moment of input of money. Withdrawal of funds on a bank card is a priority.
1.7. The Company undertakes to make a refund in 10 days after receiving a letter with the request.

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