To deposit or withdraw fiat currencies to or from your CTXHoldings account, you will need to go
through the verification process.
The verification process for CTXHoldings is a standardized compliance measure for anti-money
laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) laws and regulations.
The process consists of a completing an online questionnaire and submitting supporting documentation. A
signed declaration confirming the accuracy of the submitted information is required, authorising
CTXHoldings to complete the verification process.
Processing times for verification can take up to 5+ days, depending on the level of public interest.
Please visit the Account Verification page for full details. Once all the sections are submitted, the account
verification process will start. Upon successful verification, you will be notified via email.
Keep in mind that you do not need to be verified to start trading – Verification is essential for users
wishing to withdraw fiat currencies; however, you are free to deposit, trade and withdraw currencies ,
and can do so immediately upon signing up.
To get verified:
1.Navigate to the Verification section, which can be found under Account in the top right corner of your
CTXHoldings platform.
2.Read the terms and click Begin Verification once ready.
3.Choose Account Type – In this case, Individual Account.
4.Pick your Country of Residence.
5.Check all the reasons for which you are seeking account verification.

Personal Customer’s details required
1.True full name and/or names used
2.Current permanent address, including postal code
3.Date of birth
4.Profession or occupation
Names should be verified by reference obtained from a reputable source which bears a photograph, such as:
•Current valid full passport
•Government issued photo identification card
In addition to the customer’s name verification, the current permanent address should be verified by obtaining any one of
the following documents in original form:
•Copy of a recent utility bill
•Local tax authority bill
•Bank statement
•Checking a telephone directory
•Credit card monthly statement

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