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CTXHoldings does not charge any fees on the trade of the execution. Transactions are executed in full at the city’s prices.
Therefore, your trading cost on CTXHoldings is just spread. This is considerably lower than the trade order book that charges the spread plus the execution costs as well as the costs of partial execution and low liquidity.
A complete list of gaps for each market is available here.


Financing is taken from your active positions at the beginning of each hour. To calculate how much is taken from your position at the end of the hour, take the daily rhythm, divide it by 24, then multiply it by the size of your position.


If you have a 1BTC position on the EUR / USD (daily financing rate of 0.05%), and the clock reaches the top of the hour (for example, 11H),
1 BTC x 0.05% / 24 = 0.00002 BTC
is debited on your position.
The funding applies to your full-sized position, including open positions at 1x leverage. A position that is open and closed between hours will not have to assume the funding. Pending positions not to incur funding.
A complete list of daily co-financing rates for each market is available here.


Fees apply to each withdrawal to help cover the fees associated with blockchain transactions: 0.001 BTC withdrawals and 0.01 DASH withdrawals.
There are no other fees. In particular, there is no charge on deposits or account inactivity.

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